2 or 3 people $800.00 per person

Join Mark and Dusty for a private, guided expedition into a remote wilderness area of Northern Minnesota. Mark is an expert tracker and wildlife behaviorist. For years he has provided his expertise to film crews, researchers, and biologists on commercial expeditions locating indigenous wildlife species throughout the country. Now, private parties can book with Mark & Dusty and explore the Minnesota Wilderness on horseback! We supply the horses.

You'll not only be trail riding, you'll literally be ON the trail of Big Game Animals that are indigenous to the area. When wildlife is spotted, Mark will help you to safely get close enough for your own photographs. Also along the way, you'll watch and help, as Mark locates natural travel corridors, pathways, natural food sources, or anywhere else big game animals frequent. Once a HOT SPOT is located, you'll employ infrared trail cameras to catch these animals in their "undisturbed" natural habitat.

Private tours include - horses and tack, Mark setting up camp and cooking for the full 3 day trip. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag and your favorite pillow (no riding experience necessary), Book now for the adventure of a lifetime!

If you don't want to camp, other arrangements can be made.

From the last week in September to the first weekend in November. Moose are callable till the middle of October.

Spring rides are from the end of April to the last weekend in May (depending on the spring weather/thaw).


Mark and Dusty have explored many of the remote wilderness areas across this nation. An expert tracker, wildlife behaviorist and game caller, Mark and his horse Dusty with his pack horse Daisy, can lead you safely through on your journey. Mark has produced hunting and trail videos, guided camera crews, scientists, hunters and explorers through mountains, forests, deserts and swamps.

Mark Peterson and Dusty have many talents beneficial to TV production. Mark is also used on camera as a guest, or a host. His skill set being, wildlife behaviorist, tracker or a camera man who can research the areas to shoot and help set up people in each location. Mark has done professional hunting and wildlife programs for 20 years and can be very helpful in organizing most aspects of any expedition.

Mark also has a ONE of a kind horse that is invaluable in tracking big game animals of any kind. Mark also has a way of making very exiting things happen for the cameras while on location. Dusty has been affectionately referred to as a thousand pound retriever.  A Very unique and exiting horse for TV productions.

Mark can scout a location a few days in advance to set out trail cameras so the production can get wildlife shots in the can before the shoot ever starts. Plus you'll know the most scenic areas you may want to utilize in your production. While he's there, in advance and during, Mark can shoot "B roll" of the area so that the "DP" has more time to shoot the content of the show to get some extra indigenous wildlife and food sources on camera.

Mark's RV can become home base where all the cooking for the team can occur. Mark can be responsible for any of the specialized equipment you may have for each episode. Along with, the ever present issue of charging batteries. Additionally, with Mark's horse Dusty and his pack horse Daisy, youd have two of the best mountain horses on staff full time for anything the show would ever need, including scouting in advance. Horses always make great TV, and can carry the team members into the bush for the shows you want them or Mark to be in. Mark's pack horse can carry the heavy cameras and tripods into the back country, making shooting go easier and quicker.

Whenever there is a shoot, things go wrong and plans need to change on a moments notice. This is what Mark's good at. There is nothing he cant fix or change. He knows how to shoot and what the viewer and the producers like to see.

Mark and Dusty have appeared on many different TV shows throughout the years. Most recently and most notably Monster Quest Series on the History Channel


"I just recently I had the pleasure of working with Mark Peterson on an episode of the hit series Monster Quest for the History Channel. Mark was our guide and base camp support for an expedition in the Ouachita Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma. Ultimately, Mark allowed our team to hit the ground running at our location. His experience and background in production also helped us accomplish our shot list and more. Id highly recommend Mark Peterson for any project. If you need great footage, hell help you get it."

Troy Parkinson, Producer Video Arts Studios

"While we were riding, Mark explained to us where and why animals move through certain areas more than others. We helped put trail cameras out in different locations along the trail. We were all so exited to get back to camp to see if we caught anything.  The cameras were LOADED with pictures! Mark turned our trail ride into a real wildlife adventure. "

Rebecca and friends, Choctaw Ranch

The Holcomb Buffalo Ranch video